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MMA Shorts are, without a doubt, an essential necessity to any individual who hopes to train in mixed or martial arts or the grappling arts.  The durability of MMA Shorts is almost required given the physicality and strenuous nature of mixed martial arts, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Submission holds, especially in the context of no gi jiu jitsu, sometimes entails and requires someone to utilize submission defense techniques by grabbing their own shorts.  Moreover, MMA Shorts are made of materials that can withstand high impact and the type of wear and tear that is customary to even recreational mixed martial arts, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and grappling training.


Another factor to consider about MMA Shorts is that they normally come with Velcro and a drawstring for guaranteed security and no wardrobe malfunctions during any training session.  These features are to ensure that when these shorts are being pulled or tugged in the course of a high intensity spar round or roll, you can rest assured that they will stay on you!  The best part about these specialized types of shorts is that they are built specifically for mixed martial arts or grappling.  If you opt to wear basketball shorts, soccer shorts, or other types of gym shorts, they will not be built specific to the sport of mixed martial arts, and more than likely, they will come off of you at an inopportune moment.  FightStylez takes things one step further by providing customized, individualized MMA Shorts (link) that cover the standard requirements of these types of shorts, but are also specific the person wearing them.


Professional fighters, amateur fighters, and mixed martial arts enthusiasts alike can all make good use of a good pair of fight shorts.  The material, fit, and purpose of mixed martial arts shorts serve a vital role in any mixed martial arts gym.  So, for your next training session, whether you’re a beginner or a professional with a 30-0 MMA record, at least make sure you have the right shorts to get the job done.